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Youth Oasis provides emergency shelter and necessary support services to runaway, homeless, abandoned youth ages 10 to 25 in Baton Rouge, LA

Runaway, Homeless, Abused, Abandoned

Every day, more than 40 children are reported as abused or neglected within the state of Louisiana; officials caution that a large number of cases go unreported for various reasons.

Youth Oasis is a local, non-profit organization located in Mid-City Baton Rouge. Through our programming, we provide necessary support services to runaway, abandoned and homeless youth.

Many of the youth we serve are escaping abuse (physical, sexual and/or emotional), substance abuse or exploitation within their home environment. Some are trying to find a healthier path for their future than the one they are currently on. All are trying to find ways to fit into their community.

What services does Youth Oasis provide?

Youth Oasis Operates three programs to provide the services necessary for these at-risk youth: The Basic Center, The Young Adult Residential Complex and the Safe Spot Program.

  • The BASIC CENTER is an Emergency Shelter for male and female youth ages 10-17.
  • The YOUNG ADULT RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX (YARC) for male and female youth ages 18-25.
  • Youth Oasis also leads the community wide SAFE PLACE program.

Donations help us to provide for outings, clothing, food, and entertainment for the youth, and building maintenance and upkeep for the facilities.

Support can provide

Food for 1 day for 1 child = $20

1 monthly bus pass for 1 youth in the TLP= $50

1 night of room, board, & supervision for one child = $150

1 month of activities for kids at the Basic Center = $250

1 month of gas = $500

1 month of groceries = $1,000

1 month of utilities = $2,000

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